Review 2

Another presentation I enjoyed was Phillip’s about Saban being worth it. I am a die-hard Alabama fan and have been my entire life. Because of this, my gut answer to this question was, “HELL YES.”

And it still is. But it is very interesting that the football program loses money from going to the BCS National Championship, despite the payout being $17,000,000. A reason for this is probably because that $17 million goes directly to the SEC for redistribution. In other words, Alabama will still get a lot of money, but it has to share it with schools like Mississippi State and Kentucky.

Phillip also mentioned Mike Shula and his coaching regime. As an Alabama fan during that time, I can affirm that it was hellish. During his one respectable season, he still lost to LSU and Auburn. Saban coming in after him was a huge blessing.

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