Library Research Response

The video about Scout was nothing really new to me.  In high school, I had used very similar researching data bases.  One thing that was new that I did like was the “Relevancy” meter.  I feel like this could be a very helpful and time conserving feature.  I don’t really have any questions with regards to Scout.  It seems very straight forward.

The podcasts weren’t super interesting.  The first one (regarding the information cycle) gave me no real new information.  Although I had never heard the term “information cycle”, the cycle itself was not foreign.  The definition of a library was intriguing because I never thought of a library as a collection of knowledge.  I did already know that librarians need a special degree, although I still have no clue why.  In high school, our librarians were some of the meanest people alive, so I never really talked to them.  I have done legitimate research papers in high school and because of this I didn’t get a whole lot out of the third podcast about the process of writing the research question and starting my paper.  Again, it is hard for me to buy into the idea of a “helpful librarian” with my experience in high school.  I think it is obvious not to use a random blog as a source for a research paper.  Because of this, the fourth podcast was also somewhat redundant.  I think this will differ from previous research projects in the sense that it has a local focus.  I had never done a research paper focused on Rochester or Pittsford, so focusing on the University will be a new experience in that regard.


1 thought on “Library Research Response

  1. Taylor,
    My high school librarians were mean, too. What’s up with that? I will say, however, that the librarians here at UA are awesome, both helpful and nice. I’d say don’t hesitate to contact them as you work on your research. I’m glad you have lots of previous research experience; you’re that much more ahead of the game.

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