Chapter Responses

Most of the information from chapter twenty-two I had already learned in high school.  However, one thing I never really learned about was paraphrasing.  Although I do it all the time, I never understood that there are right and wrong ways to do it.  The argument for the correct paraphrasing in the book makes perfect sense and I understand why not to just replace or rearrange words.

The twenty-seventh chapter was somewhat confusing to me.  To me, it seemed like it was only talking about the difference between formal and informal writing, which is fairly simple.  For me, it is easy to switch between “texting language” and formal language.  I completely understand that I cannot write “haha” or “wassup” in a paper that I will turn in for a grade.

I thought the twenty-eighth chapter made a good point.  Academic writing is very different from any other writing that we do.  For example, if I am writing something for a school newspaper piece or for a blog (such as this), I will use different words and sentence structures.  However, there are similarities.  An example would be that you must choose evidence that is credible to your audience.


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