Response to Introduction

Before I begin my response, “revised” was spelled wrong on the first page.  The irony is unfathomable.

These two chapters cover a broad writing process.  Basically, everyone has a writing process, but no two people have the same one.

Overall, I agree with the author’s argument.  In today’s world, anything that one creates, whether it be writing, music, or a visual art, can be considered the work of an author.  Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about my own writing process.  Before I start, I do like to make sure I have a firm grasp of whatever the material is.  Although this reading won’t change my own writing process, it did make me think about the way I research my writings (and other things in my life).  I love researching things, especially related to sports. I realize now that there are several similarities between researching a football player for a fantasy draft and researching a topic for an English paper.  One example is that I am drawn to resources that I know are reliable (for sports,, for English, any website that is a .org or .edu).

I do agree with Anne Lemott in her writing “Shitty First Drafts”.  Lemott outlines the importance of first drafts that don’t have to be first or even second class writing.  In fact, she prefers if the writing is “shitty”.  I find that my writing is better when I make a first draft.  Although I’ve never really gone into a writing piece thinking “the majority of this will be thrown away”, I see how this could be beneficial for a writer and it is a very interesting method.



My name is Taylor Frank and I am an 18-year-old kid from Pittsford, NY; a suburb of Rochester.  I drove down over several days (17 total hours in the car) to get to Tuscaloosa.  I decided to come down south to school for a few reasons.  First and foremost, I’ve been an Alabama football fan my whole life.  My grandparents went here and I could never root for a different school.  When I visited the campus, I was blown away with how nice everyone was to me and how gorgeous the scenery was.  I’m majoring in Telecommunications and Film with a minor in Political Science with the eventual goal of becoming a local sports anchor.